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My Thursday Report

It's time for my list of what I liked last week.  It has been a different kind of week. Friday, as I mentioned before, I went on a silent retreat.  It spoke deeply to me. I was at the El Carmelo Retreat Center in Redlands - a place in a serene setting.

While right next to an Interstate Hwy (although you'd never know it except for the sound - but that seems to fade the longer one is there) the center is in the middle of a orange grove, so one feels in another world.  After dinner and a speaker, we entered our silence. Other than responses to prayers, we held the silence till after the 10 AM Mass on Sunday. A wonderful three days.

On coming home, I found myself lost in the old world - a strange feeling.  It took me until Tuesday to feel I was back and able to get into my old routine and pick up a needle.  And the first thing I did was hand stitch on my Anna's Garden block. What I didn't like is I noticed that the edges of the fabric are fraying badly.  I measured the blo…

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