2017 UFO-WIP Challenges

You can see the Project list here.  Judy draws a number the first of the month for the WIP we'll be working on.  Every third week, I start work on another for the 17 in 2017.  They'll overlap at times.

January is #3
3. Make more blocks of Anna's Garden
Here are the six I have done.  I'm using the freezer paper and starch method and hand appliqueing these. In total Anna's Garden has 25 appliqued blocks and 4 pieced ones.  With how busy my months are, I'll be happy to  add one to these. We'll see.  I'll post my progress below at the end of the month.

Two more done and a third cut out and ready to start prepping.

February was #9
all blocks made by 2/28!!  Here are some of them:

March was #5  Went from this:
to this: