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WIPs Be Gone

Two small finishes.  One is a block for the RSC 2017 challenge and the other is an Itty Bitty Picture Perfect quilt (mine's not even close to perfect -lol). The back acts as a sleeve so it will be displayed on an acrylic stand as it is in the photo.

This is one of two I made. Not happy with the background for these flip-flops.  I couldn't find my lighter cloud fabric. Our theme was Summer. The other one is a vase - both required applique.The other I forgot to take a photo!  I'm hoping Mary who got it on the steal game will send me a pic. I got a nice 4th of July one.  I'll put it on display soon.

My other finish is the last blue block for the RSC challenge: 

I have 16 of 25 done now - again from Pat Sloan's Summer Solstice. Changed it up a bit by making those star blades from stitch and flip squares on a rectangle instead of using HSTs. Now have 16 of 25 done - again from Pat Sloan's Summer Solstice.   I'm linking to the usual parties.  See my tab under the he…

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